Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Pros & Cons of Hospitality Staffing

Whether you need seasonal help or new full-time employees, hospitality staffing can be the answer. 

Behind the scenes of every hospitality related business there are countless tasks completed by a manager, supervisor, or owner. Working in a supervisory capacity means that you are in charge of everything from guest satisfaction to controlling operational costs. At the end of the day, your employees make up the elite team who help you carry out these tasks. Quality stable employees and low staff turn-over is a must for consistency whether you operate a restaurant, hotel, or cleaning company. Unfortunately, the time it takes to consistently screen, interview, and train new people can consume the valuable hours you need for other tasks. This is where hospitality staffing takes the reins. 

What is a Hospitality Staffing Firm?

Imagine a world where you didn’t have to stress about hiring new staff when an unexpected party hits your books. A world where you can pick up the phone, or send an email, and have qualified, fast-learning individuals at your disposal whether you need them for a night, a season, or indefinitely. This world becomes a reality thanks to hospitality staffing firms.
The purpose of this organization is to help accommodate hospitality managers by taking the work out of hiring. By creating a system that caters to your wants, this organization is able to fill a need in the industry. As with all things, there are a variety of pros and cons that you will experience when you choose this option. 

Pros of Hospitality Staffing

Hospitality staffing works as a recruiting agency which carefully selects employees to fit your specific needs. Each individual undergoes an integrity test, skills assessment, thorough background check, drug test, and identity verification. However, the real benefit comes not only from having high-quality employees readily available, but in the way it saves you time and money when it comes to operating your business. Some of the perks include:
  • · Decrease time invested in interviewing–The philosophy of working smarter, not harder, is not lost on those in the hospitality industry. Instead of losing countless hours to bad interviews, you are able to focus on what matters for your business. 
  • · Short term staff readily available – Most job seekers want stable employment. Most employers do not always need the same number of employees. Both parties needs are met through staffing. Hiring employees for the season or on-demand, depending on your needs.
  • · Satisfaction guaranteed – Every hospitality manager faces a time when they have made the wrong hire. An interview-perfect candidate turns out to be the opposite of what they portrayed and the rest of your staff is picking up the slack. Without proper cause, you cannot fire them which means you are stuck with the bad decision. When you employ through a staffing agency, you are guaranteed satisfaction. If a team member does not exceed your expectations, you can “trade” them for another one.
  • · Hard work guaranteed – Team members who find work through a staffing agency rely on positive recommendations from clients they work with. In turn, this makes them work harder to prove their skillset and ensure that they continue to have jobs available to them. 
  • · Lower overhead costs – Hyatt hotels in Boston made headlines in 2009 when they chose to lay off over 100 housekeeping employees in favor of using those provided by a staffing agency. The primary reason for this shift – cost. On average, individuals employed through a staffing agency cost the employer 12% less than individuals kept in house. Additionally, the overall cost of labor has been shown to decrease by 25% to 40%.
Cons of Hospitality Staffing

There are few disadvantages to choosing this option for staffing your business. The primary con that managers worry about is a lack of control. Freelance individuals know that more work is available to them which makes them less loyal to a particular brand or company, even if they have been hired for a longer period of time. A secondary concern is quality of the service. When thinking about some of the most elite hotels and restaurants in the industry, they are known for the type of experience that is offered through all areas of their establishment. 

This concern is curbed by the leading hospitality staffing firms who take the time to offer specialized training programs that relate specifically to the needs of the industry’s largest clients. Some firms cater to over 600 hotels or restaurants in a given area and offer the same commitment to excellence as your brand. The final concern is that non-standard employees will “stick out” to guests and cause concerns about security. Although employees are temporary and controlled by an outside agency, they are tested for integrity and required to follow the same guidelines and behavior as in-house staff.

Who can benefit from Hospitality Staffing?

The goal of this agency is to help accommodate the types of jobs that can be outsourced within your organization. This includes HVAC repair, reservation agents, equipment maintenance staff, grounds keeping, painting, and public relations/ marketing. On an immediate level, these independent contractors can be used to fill in vacancies of banquet servers, housekeeping staff, receptionists, stewards, laundry teams, and janitorial staff. With this many options, it is clear that hospitality staffing is an affordable option for small and medium size businesses, in all areas of hospitality management.

Hospitality staffing has proven to be the answer that many leaders need to keep their business running smoothly. With more time devoted to maintaining their customer experience and the ability to have staff on-demand when necessary, choosing to use a staffing agency is the right choice. The key benefits include decreased overhead costs, flexibility in staff options, hiring on-demand, and better quality employees. Furthermore, as an agency that is seasoned in the hospitality experience, you can expect the same performance and satisfaction working with one of these agencies that you would provide to your own guests. In a market where each person lends a helping hand, you can be sure that hospitality staffing will give your business the help up that it needs.