Cats Feel The Pain The Most, So Anesthesia Makes Good Sense

God forbid that it ever happens to any one of you. And good lord when it is your poor cat that is put to the sword. Yes, we are having a conversation on something that we tend to put off out of dread. No matter how healthy we are or how much care we take over our favorite furry or fuzzy friends, it is inevitable that surgery may be required someday. Ironic but sadly true. You take such good care of your friend that she gets to live long lives well beyond her nine lives.

A keen observer of the animal kingdom had this sense about cats. It is domestic bliss through and through. Walk by a neighbor’s house and should you see a feline inhabitant peacefully catnapping in the sun on the porch then you know. You know that all is well in that house. Love is everywhere. Speaking of which, it is said that in matters to do with lovemaking, it is the beautiful dolphin and yours truly that enjoy it the most.

cat anesthesia

Nature is so strange, however. Strange as it may seem, it is said that the female cat enjoys it the least. You will hear it late at night. So, it goes without saying that these ultra-sensitive creatures would need a lot more extra care in the surgery room. To issue cat anesthesia is not only humane, it seems to make medical sense. Think of it. You are in enough pain as it is, just thinking about the moment when you have to go in for surgery.

Just how much more traumatic would it be for the poor domestic cat, well past its nine lives. Believe this, they know. They sense when something is up.