Best Ways to Display Seafood

Whether you run a small store or a large supermarket, one of the most important things for you to do is to display your meat and seafood products in a way that allows access to your customers while also keeping everything fresh.

Depending upon the layout of your store and other limitations you might face, there are different options available.  Here are just a few general types of displays that you might consider.

Close Up, Refrigerated Display

If you have a relatively small store and can get access to a power supply where you need it, a close up display with air overflow refrigeration might be a good idea.  For small stores looking for a quality seafood merchandiser that’s easy to maintain, this is probably your best bet.

The refrigeration system will keep the products fresh, and the small display allows customers to get up close in order to pick out the products they want.

Non-Refrigerated Ice Tables

If you want your display to be in the middle of the store where there isn’t access to a power outlet, you’ll want to go with the non-refrigerated option.  While this does require more maintenance because you’ll have to refill the ice regularly, it is a good option for those who want the display on the center of the floor or want it to be mobile.

Large, Non-Refrigerated Merchandisers

While the larger the merchandiser the more likely you’ll want it refrigerated, there might be some instances in which ice works just as well if not better.  This is best for those stores that want to save on electrical costs while still offering a full seafood bar to their customers.

seafood merchandiser

All of these come with different features, so comparing different models in order to get exactly what you want is important.